Thursday, 3 December 2009

A Coat Hanger And a Soft Bottom

Years ago I had a lover who like me was into BDSM. Our relationship was purely sexual, but oh, what fun we had! She, let's call her Miranda, was in her early twenties, a Latina with roots in Columbia. She worked as a secretary for a major company and lived with her parents in a villa in the suburbs. We never had any kind of "official relationship", we just met at my place for some old fashioned BDSM fun. 

So I was very surprised when she called me out of the blue a sunny Saturday afternoon in August and asked me to come out to her parents place. I was a bit concerned that she wanted to "take our relationship to another level". But curios as I am I accepted and took the tube and a bus out in the 'burbs. She lived in a house from the fifties or there about. I was a bit worried that her parents would be home but they had left for some kind of dinner. Only Miranda and her kid sister were at home. I was seated in a chair by the pool and offered Campari and soda. We sat there for quite a while like some kind of suburban couple talking about nothing really. After an hour or so the kid sister went off to sleep over and we were alone.

It grew a bit chilly and Miranda wanted to put on something warmer than her bikini and asked me to help her chose what to wear. I had no thoughts about BDSM play, well not many anyway, as her parents could come home any time. I followed her into the house and entered her room. It was obvious she hadn't changed much in it since she was a teenager, pink duvet, fluffy animals and the usual thingies. Miranda was out of her bikini in no time and naked she reached into the closet. I was prepared to give advice re her dress but when she turned around she only had an empty wooden coat hanger in her hands. She went down on her knees before me, holding out the coat hanger for me to take.

Pleasantly surprised I wasted no time in getting her over my knee taking a few moments to admire her round plump ass with both hands and eyes.There was no doubt that she was ready for some play, her breathing, the slight raising of the ass towards me and the glistening wetness between her thighs. I screwed the metal hook off the hanger while I explained to her that today I was going to test her pain threshold. I wasn't going to stop until she used her safeword "nåd", mercy. She just nodded her head and raised her ass a bit more. I wasted no time in "warming her up" with caresses and slaps. Just a hard whack with the hanger of the softest, roundest art of her bottom. Not a sound, just a slight shivering of her cheeks. I held back a moment, admiring the beautiful red stripe on the white skin. Then I started in earnest making a kind of  # pattern on her bottom. All the time Miranda didn't utter a sound but I could see the tears slowly running down her face. The stripes on her ass was turning into red swollen velts and my carefully created pattern was becoming blurry. Suddenly the hanger broke in two with nasty splinters at the ends. I ordered Miranda to fetch me a new hanger at once , which she did and in no time she was once again across my lap ready and eager for more. And more she got. The red and now also blue velts were beginning to seep drops of blood and I was beginning to get worried about doing some serious injury. So I moved down from her bottom to the top of her thighs and she eagerly wriggled in my lap to get in a better position. I was waiting for her safe word but it was a long time before I suddenly heard her urgently whisper: Mercy!. After a caress across her lovely red, blue and bloody ass I let her get up. "So, you finally had enough?" I said. "Not at all" she said with a smile, "I just heard my parent's car". Miranda quickly got into a lose fitting dress, still naked under it. We rushed out to the garden and settled in the chairs with our drinks a few moments before her parents showed up.

We exchanged a few polite and meaningless phrases before Miranda and I took the bus and the subway to my place. A night of tender, soft and careful love making followed. 

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