Monday, 28 December 2009

September 2010: A Slave's Initiation

Today I'm going to take a look in my crystal ball and see what the future brings. I've chosen September 2010 as I hope to be fully recovered from all GRS operations by then. So join me in gazing deep into the ball, let the world around you fade away and follow me into the future.

There is three timid knocks on my door. For now  ignore them, I know who it is and she's been told to wait for as long as it takes.  Marie and I first met on line while I was in the hospital recuperating from my genital reconstruction surgery. She lives in Stockholm too and we started meeting in RL. It soon became quite obvious that we were perfect for each other. Me a lesbian Mistress and she a lesbian wannabe slave. I' however, didn't want the relationship develop any further before I was fully healed. We talked and kissed a lot all through the summer. It was fucking hard not to be fucking but I was determined that we should wait. Yes, I could have pleased her in many ways and there's also many ways we could have had fun with ropes, chains, whips and other toys. The celibacy I forced on us gave us plenty of time to explore each others needs and wishes, our dos and don'ts. A few days earlier we had worked out a scenario for this our first consummation of  our Mistress/slave affair. The scenario was just a broad outline, Marie knew nothing of the details.

I'm sitting in my sofa uttering a loud "Come in!"
Marie enters and stands before the coffee table with her head bowed and looking at the floor.
"Yes?" I said.
"I want to belong to you, I want you to be my Mistress"
"Do you mean that you want to be my slave?"
"Yes." in an almost inaudible voice.
"I can't hear you!"
"Yes! I want to be your slave!" Her voice now steady and firm.
"OK, let's see if you got what it takes, mentally and bodily. Stand in the middle of the floor and turn around very slowly."

She does as she was told and gracefully and slowly turns. Marie is  dressed in a rather conservative yet sexy style. Black pumps, brown stockings, a grey pencil skirt, a white plain blouse and a grey jacket. She has long curly hair in a red  shade I associate with Ireland. I sit for a while just admiring her before joining her on the floor. When she's facing me I grab hold of her shoulders.
"You can stop now, that was excellent. Let's see what's under all this finery. Look into my eyes all the time you can"

I pull of her jacket, she moves her body to make it easier and I toss it on a chair. I consider just ripping her blouse of but instead I slowly unbutton it. All the time Maria is obeying and is looking me in the eyes. Soon the blouse follows the jacket and I unzip her skirt and let it fall to the floor. As I hook my high heels shoe in it she lifts her feet to free it and with a flick of my foot I fling it to the growing pile of clothes. I step back and look over her body, white bra, knickers and suspender belt. An enticing sight but I want her totally naked now.

"Take of all of it and put it on the chair, then return to where you are."
"Yes, Mistress" I give her a hard slap on her arse.
"I haven't accepted you as my slave yet. If and when I do you will call me mistress but not until then. Do you understand?"
"Yes I do."
"Good, then proceed."

Marie unhooks and takes of her bra. Her breasts are D size, creamy white with pink nipples. As she walks over to the chair with her bra she's trying hard to keep her eyes on mine. My eyes of course are roaming all over her delicious curvy body. Next her knickers goes revealing her pussy, the inner cunt lips slightly protruding between the outer and topped with a landing strip of ginger coloured hair. After returning to her position her look turns questioningly. Shall she remove the rest too? "Yes. I said all and that means all."

As she stand there naked and proud before me.I walk around her. She is trying desperately to keep eye contact. I stop behind her and reach around to cup her breasts in my hands. I bounce and squeeze them, pinch her nipples and shakes her tits. She responds with heavier breath and a beginning of pressing her arse against me. Before I can  remind her to stand still she realizes her mistake and stays still. I stand before her and let a finger slip in her wet cunt. Still Marie manages to be absolutely still.

"Mmm, physically you seem to fulfil all my criteria. And you seem willing  to obey and please. I'll soon be testing your tolerance for pain. But first you can relax and just let your body and instincts guide you."

Marie immediately throws her around around my neck and presses her body against mine. "Thank you, thank you"  I put one arm around her waist with the hand on her arse cheek, the other hand behind her neck. A deep intense kissing ensues and we are both rather excited to put it mildly.

But as much as i enjoy it I have to face up yo my responsibilities as a Mistress and continue the testing of my potential slave girl. I pull her towards the sofa and have her sit on my lap.
"And now we've come to the part where we're going to test your ability to handle pain. But first I will give you a safe word, a  word you can use if for any reason you want me to stop what I'm doing.The word that's your safe word is mercy. If you say it I'll stop whatever I'm doing. Now I want you to lay across my lap for a little warming up before the real pain test starts.So turn over baby, it's spanking time!"

Her round white fleshy arse is before me. I begin by gently stroking it, taking a detour to her wet ginger cunt. And then SMACK bring my hand down on her left cheek. The white impression is fast turning a beautiful red. Smack! Yet another hand print, this time on her right cheek. I start a rhythmic even spanking turning her arse cheeks equally red. Maria is moaning, if in pain or pleasure is hard to tell. The imprints of my hand are soon invisible against the uniform redness. Now Maria is starting to give some small yelps of pain. I am beginning to feel some pain in my hand and we can't have a Mistress in pain. I gently stroke her arse and kiss it.
I tell Marie to once more stand in the middle of the room. I bring some rope from behind the bar and tie her hands together in front of her. I then lower the chandelier that hangs from the ceiling and unhook it from its fastenings and attach that to the rope between her hands and hoist her up so she almost is on tiptoe.  I admire my handiwork, the stretched arms, the breasts that are pushed forward and lifted, the scarlet bottom. But my little plaything have forgotten something.

"I told you to always look me in the eyes when it is at all possible. Are you doing that now?"
"N n n no."
"Then you deserve some punishment, don't you?"
"I guess so."
"You guess?!"
"Yes, I deserve whatever punishment you see fit."
"That's more like it. And punished you shall be."

I once again go behind the bar, now to retrieve a nice long cane I bought this afternoon. All the while checking that she tries to look into my eyes.  When she see the cane her eyes widens with fear and she let's out an involuntary gasp.  As I go towards her I let the cane swish through the air, it makes a nice swoshing sound.
"Turn your arse towards me!"
"Yes".she stammers and immediately obeys.

I stroke her arse that's still hot from the spanking and her wet swollen cunt that signals her readiness. I take a few steps backwards aim the cane and give her one right across her cheeks. Marie gives a cry of pain but puts her arse in place for more. I give her three more creating a # pattern. She cries out loder for every stroke.As I see the red velts rise on her buttocks I fully expect her to use her safe word any time. I turn her around and she tears running down her smiling face. Returning her smile I once again turn her around and she puts out her arse. For every stroke of the cane I can tell that she's trying not to cry out loud, and every time she fails. Now I want to se her face while I cane her, I turn her around. She remembers to look into my eyes, but she can also see how I aim the cane at her breasts. Her body is tense with apprehension, fear and longing. She tries in vain to look into my eyes. As the cane descends towards her breasts she closes her eyes just before the cane hits her and the loudest scream so far comes over her lips. She corrects her mistake at once and open her eyes, ready to be punished. The tears are streaming down her face and I doubt she can see much through them. Three more times the cane hits her breasts, she cries and sobs. As I prepare the fifth stroke she stammers out her safe word. "Mercy, please mercy."

I lower the rope that's attached to the one around her wrists. She leans against me, sobbing, her tears wet against my shoulder. I let her catch her breath and then "I think you have the makings of an excellent slave. Do you still want to become mine?"
"Yes" she manages between sobs.
"Yes, what?"
"Yes, Mistress." And we both smile and gaze into each others souls.

To be continued

Love & lashes until next time.
Mistress Caisa

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