Sunday, 20 December 2009

Weirdest Sex Related Accident

This is a repost from a topic I started at fetlife

Amusing or serious accident are not unknown in vanilla sex. So I figure kinky sex will have even more.
I'll start of with one of my own. To understand it you need to know that I'm a trans woman and when this incident occurred I was still living as a man.

After an unusually long and intense session I ended up on my bed with my cute slave between my legs, her hands tied behind her back giving me a slow, deep blow job. When I finally came it was of those rare cosmic orgasms. My soul flew out through my skull and joined the universe. I trashed around and managed to hit my head really hard on the brass edge of a bedside table. I was totally gone for a while and when I came too my sub was trying to free her hands. She was worried that I had knocked myself out and needed help at once. I just laughed and figured it was the magnificent orgasm that had made me pass out. But shortly after I started feeling nauseous and soon had to run to the bathroom to vomit. When I came out of the bathroom I was met by a very stern and determined sub, who was now dressed and who held out my clothes. In a tone not at all suited for a slave she said, "Get dressed! We are going to the ER. And we're going now!" Feeling like I did I didn't object to her inappropriate behaviour.

The ER was just three blocks away and not the least buzzy. I explained what had transpired and doctors and nurses began to smile. Smiles that grew even broader as my sub took of her jacket showing the leather cuffs still around her wrists. But they took the possibility that I had a concussion seriously. I got put in magnetic thingies and had lights shone in my eyes, in short they did everything. The unanimous diagnosis was that I had a mild concussion and should rest for a few days, trying to avoid anything too strenuous. And there were the smiles again.

When we got home we did just that and I fell asleep with my sub holding me in her arms in a very motherly way.

If you are a net veteran you might have seen this story before. I told it on usenet in the mid 90s.

And now over to you. What's your weirdest sex related accident?

Love and lashes until next time
Your Mistress Caisa


  1. I know you follow my blog, but I don't know if you caught the story when I caused my pre op trans girlfriend a "penile fracture" I don't know if I will ever live down the fact that I broke a penis.

  2. My weirdest/most painful (in the not-fun-sense) sex-related accident is told here.

    xx Dee

  3. Well it's not exactly an injury per se, but...I pretty much never use mind altering substances of any kind, but there was one night a few years back that I made pot brownies for my then flatmate's birthday. We all had some and my then boyfriend and I headed up to bed and proceeded to fool around. Being high made everything tingly and more intense. I was getting one of the most amazing blowjobs I can remember and I kept feeling like I was getting closer and closer to coming and I kept breathing more and more heavily...until instead of coming I was basically having an asthma attack. I eventually calmed down, rallied and even got off without dying. (Obviously). He was extraordinarily pleased with himself and his status message on Gchat was "bronchospasm inducing hotness" for the longest time.