Saturday, 5 September 2009

A Short Intro

For those of you that don't know me from my other blogs, twitter or Facebook here's a short presentation of me:

Name: Caisa
Age: How dare you ask? ;-)
Sex: Yes, pretty please
Gender: Transwoman
Sexual orientation: Love women of all ages, shapes and sizes
BTW: The woman to the right isn't me. :-)

The longer version;

I'm Caisa Viksten, a 60 year old transwoman in the process of transitioning. By next spring I will hopefully get the OPERATION, I've been on hormones since November last year and the results so far have been good, even if I wish my tits would grow faster.

The change of gender have in no way had any effect on my sexual orientation. Why the hell should they? I have always been sexually attracted to women. The only diference is that I soon will be able to have sex as I want and need - as a woman with women.

In my life I've had (too) many sexual partners, some one night stands, some longer and one quite long with the mother of my two daughters. Not to brag but most of them have been more than satisfied. The reason was probably that I have never been particularly interested in the act of penetration. My subconscious was probably telling me that I was meant to be born a girl. As a result I resorted to tongue, fingers and hands and learned a lot of women's bodies and  how those bodies and minds reacted. (I found the G-spot before I even knew what it was.) It would be interesting to know if other transwomen have had similar experiences.

I was quite young when I realized that ropes, domination and spanking was very exiting. Unfortunately I was too embarrassed and ashamed to do anything about it until far later in life.But I've made up for it since then, oh yes.

The fact that I'm into BDSM doesn't mean that I don't fully enjoy other aspects of sex. Tender kisses and caresses, tasting a woman and using my tongue all over and in her body, fingers fondling breasts and exploring  a cunt, my whole hand inside her. Oh, the possibilities are endless.

So far this haven't been a very saucy, kinky and explicit blog post. And it will not be either. you will have to wait until the next post: How We Fell in Love During the Shooting of a Porn Flick 

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