Sunday, 20 September 2009

#muffmunchmonday and why I love it

I decided to move these two postings to this blog as I want to keep Gender Switch non X-rated.

#muffmunchmonday and why I love it

And not just on Mondays.

As I tweeted earlier today I took a nap hoping to dream of #muffmunchmonday. Alas that didn't happen. But as I drifted of to sleep the muffs I've munched in the past appeared on a film behind my eyelids. (It took a while to nod off)

It never ceases to amaze me how different they all are. The. taste, the smell, the colour, the shape, the size of the lips, the texture inside and out. I've never encountered a muff that wasn't completely unique. And with a few exceptions I loved them all (after all bad personal hygiene can be disastrous for a happy muffmunching).

And all the haircuts! From the wild, wild bush to the bare naked. Each with it's own charm. To wake up the next day with a reminder of the night before stuck between two teeth can be a nice cue to start all over. And a bald muff makes it all the easier to explore every nook and cranny. I love to coiffure a muff. The style depending on the hair and the bodily background, how it will look on that particular muff.

The hair out of the way we're coming closer to the heart of the matter. The parting of the sea, or in this case the lips. (Go away Moses with your sea and your staff!) Lips, lips, how do I love thee? Let me cunt the ways. (No let's not that would take to much time.) Small, almost hidden and childlike. Folded out like a welcoming flower. Thin and long or fat and long. As an BDSM aficionado I must confess that I have a predilection for somewhat larger lips. Nipple clamps can be used in more ways than one. ;-)

And the nectar of the Goddesses. Sometimes flowing like water from a moss ringed forest well. Sometimes slow flowing like if saturated with honey.

Then the tongue finding the pearl, her thighs closing around my head. Her moans and shrieks.

A couple of fingers pressing on that special spot and she might give me even more of that nectar.

Goddess! I've made myself quite exited. I think I'll stop here.

Love and kisses until next time

Strawberry Muffs Forever. a follow up to #muffmunchmonday

It was a wonderful balmy day in the summer of 89. A friend, let's call her Madeline, was taking me to her parents summer house in Sörmland ( an idyllic  part of Sweden) Where she was going to see to the garden.

When we arrived at the lovely, isolated cottage a bout of love making ensued. After which M started pruning the garden in the nude. A lovely sight indeed, but after a while I put on some rudimentary clothing and took a stroll in the surrounding forest. I was hoping to find some blueberries, But to my delight I found an abundance of wild strawberries. When I returned to the cottage M was naked and half asleep on a blanket in the sun.

I gently parted her thighs and proceeded to line her muff lips with wild strawberries, got my camera and took a few shots of the delicious dish. It was such an enticing sight that I didn't want to disturb it. Just as I was going to do just that M said: "Aren't you going to eat them? Don't you like wild strawberries?" . That was all the encouragement I needed. I tried to gently lick them of her but soon they were more or less crushed. The taste and smell of the sweet mixture! It was one of the best fruit dishes I've ever had. :-)

Love and kisses until next time

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