Tuesday, 6 April 2010

A night with the girls

This is story that partly involves girls I know so I'l just be using initials. If you recognise some one, yourself or some one you know you may be right, or not. It's also in a large part based on conversations here on tagged. You know who I mean you slut slave. ;-)

We were having a girls only night, starting off with some champagne and some episodes of Chanta's Bitches that I had downloaded. After that it was off to Club Wish, a women only BDSM/fetish club in Stockholm.

Besides myself there was Ca and Ro, two beautiful girls that are straight and kinky in a general fetish way, Cl who is semi bi, or so she says and after some play with my paddle and some kissing I tend to believe her, Bi who is a sub and bi and my friend from the UK Ka. In short an ordinary kinky night for our gang. What they weren't prepared for was my surprise.

When they rang the door it was opened by sa, my newly acquired slave girl, blond, young and dressed in nothing but leather cuffs around wrists and ankles and crotch less leather panties. She curtsied and bid them welcome and offered to take their coats as they arrived one after the other. From my place in the living room I enjoyed the look on their faces as they first laid eyes on sa. Ca and Ro arrived together and managed to keep straight faces, pretending like it was an everyday thing. Just giving me a questioning look, which I ignored. Next in were Cl and Bi, Cl looked sa over and said: "Nice, but she could use a collar to complete the outfit." Bi looked very interested and looked especially on her open crotch. As the girls at down sa served the champagne with her head modestly lowered after which she fell to her knees beside me eyes on me ready for new orders. " Stand up" I said which she of course did at once. "This is sa she's a real slut, an upper class bimbo that needs to be more humble and obedient and to serve a Mistress. She'll be living here for a while until I decide what to do with her. now kneel again" The girls congratulated me on finding this treasure and we started chatting about what had happened on Kinks & Queens the Saturday before. I played idly with sa's hair and tits. Bi and Cl looked like they wanted to too. I started the latest Chanta's Bitches on my computer and the talking became more sporadic as it became really hot, with just two girls. One on a cross and the other one taking care of her. I noticed that sa was till looking at my face waiting for orders. "You may watch the video, slut!" " Thank you Mistress." and she kissed my hand.

We had watched about 20 minutes when the door opened and in came Ka, my English friend that was staying with me for a few weeks. She's 61 like me a beautiful sexy lady who unfortunately is hetero. Imagine the fun we could have, especially now that I had a live in slave slut. She had found a great looking dress from the fifties that made her look even better. A bit like Marilyn Monroe might have looked in her 60s. She was waving a bag with some bottles. "More bubbly, girls!" to sa "put it in the fridge slut!". sa looked at me for confirmation and I nodded yes. "And get another bottle while your at it, slut." "Yes Mistress." After she had served us some more champagne I said to sa "You've been a good slave slut. You may have some yourself, in the cat bowl. "Thank you Mistress."

With sa at my feet sipping the bubbly from the bowl on the floor and my girl friends around me all happily chatting away and now and then glancing at the video, where the girl on the cross was now on her knees licking her Mistress's arse I felt content. I turned to sa, "Does that make you horny?" She stammered, "Yes Mistress. "Then do something about it. Masturbate for me. But don't dare coming without my permission and don't look at the screen look at me!" Yes, my Mistress"

I kept an eye on my slave slut as I continued talking with the others. Now about the new kinky dresses and the amazing new dildo that Eve Collection just had in stock. "I'll come in tomorrow and have my slave slut try out the dildo. We don't have to bother going down stairs. She'll be trying it out in the shop." I said to Ca. "Sure no problem." she answered. I noticed sa shivering with both fear and excitement. The trembling made her push the bowl and some champagne spilled out on the floor. " You clumsy slut! Lick it up at once! You'll be punished later." She was a quick learner my slut slave and understood that at once meant just that. no talking. and she started lapping up the spilled bubbly.

It was soon time to go on to Club Wish so I ordered sa to put my black soft boots on my slim legs and to lick them until they were shining and clean. I was dressed in a black leather dress and black mini panties. The theme of the evening was Bad Birds Ball but I just love black leather. The only one dressed for a ball was Ka in her 50's dress. sa was still just wearing the open crotch panties. I put on her collar with a leash attached. On her feet sandal like shoes with heels and a see through tops. They made her nearly as tall as me. I threw a dark red velvet cape over her shoulders and off we all went. A male friend who worked as chauffeur was waiting outside in a white limousine. We all piled in. sa sitting in my lap. One of my hands on her tit the other with a couple of fingers inside her dripping cunt. She didn't utter a sound but couldn't help squirming on my hand.

When we arrived at Wish we first mingled and greeted old friends, me leading sa by the leash. Several girls commented on my good taste in choosing her for my slave girl. I could tell she was pleased with this but as I hadn't given her permission to speak she was silent. I then decided it was time for her punishment and took her into a room where there is a cross and a human shaped upright iron cage with an iron mask to hold a head. "You know what is coming, Don't you? And why." Yes Mistress I was clumsy and spilled the champagne and deserve to be punished." "Good slave slut! Now face the cross! At once!" She immediately faced the cross stretching her arms and spreading her legs. "Bi would you fasten the cuffs around her hands and feet?" " Yes, I'd love to, thanks." But no touching anywhere else!" A bit disappointed, "OK."

As usual I had my paddle with me, hanging from my Dior handbag that was surprisingly kinky in style. I unhooked it and lightly stoked sa's young firm arse. "I'm going to give you 35 blows with the paddle and you are going to count every one of them. And that's the only sound I want to hear from you.Do you understand. slut?" Yes Mistress." "And do you think I might letting you off to easy?" Yeas, Mistress. I don't know Mistress. It's your decision Mistress." A very good answer slave. But it wont help you 35 i said and 35 it is. Push your arse towards me." She eagerly and obediently did as ordered. I administered the blows without any particular rhythm so she wouldn't know when the next one was coming. She was half turned towards the door so she could see the girls gathered to see her getting her punishment. I loved the sight of her arse turning from white to a glowing red. She didn't move an inch as I let the paddle land on her firm young flesh. When I finished I went to stand in front of her, watching the tears streaming down her face. I licked them away. ""That was very good slave. You will soon get a sort of reward." And the I held her head and we kissed deep and long.

Her reward came first as a glass of champagne with us other girls, well not all of us, Bi had disappeared somewhere. Judging by the muffled screams from another room she had found someone to take care of her. I gave sa the option of sitting beside us or kneeling by my side. She chose kneeling and probably not only to show her devotion to me, She would have some problems sitting the next few days.

And for the next part of her reward I put her in the iron cage, no not for punishment. When she was secured in it I ordered her to keep her eyes on me at all times. I stroked her cunt that was even wetter than before. Two fingers in her cunt, two in her arse and the thumb on her clit made her come almost at once. I kissed her goodbye and went mingling for a while before returning and giving her one more orgasm. As I released her from the cage she fell into my arms happily sobbing. "Thank you Mistress. Thank you I love you."

The other girls? They had their fun in the way they preferred and Ka won first prise as the Bell of the Ball in her 50s dress. They all decided to go onto another kinky place, Haga Video. But I decided the me and sa should go home. As we were all going in the same direction we all went in the limo and me and sa got dropped off at my flat. As soon as we got inside I held her and kissed her. "My lovely slave slut you were very good today. Tomorrow as the word spreads I'll be the envy of every kinky lezzie in Stockholm." As I was holding her against me I came while standing up, in a roaring orgasm that made me feel at one with the Goddess and the universe.

That night she was allowed to sleep in my bed. She curled up against me and after asking permission licked my body, from my tits down to my feet, that she sucked before moving upward and as I turned over I felt her tongue in my ass. I drifted off to sleep while she was tongueing me. A content and tired Mistress with a new and promising slave slut.

The next morning she overslept and missed serving me my morning coffee. But that's another story altogether.

Love & lashes
Mistress Caisa

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